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I've been fortunate to deliver a wide variety of long and short courses from a full semester to one hour presentations.

Full or Half-Semester On-Campus and Online Offerings:

Operations Management for MS MIS Students and MBAs: Full or half semester on-campus class focused on Operations Strategy, Lean Principles, Quality Management, Process Improvement, and Root Cause Problem Solving.

Quality and Improvement Management for Systems Engineering Students: Full or half semester on-campus class focused on Quality Management Systems, Variety of Quality Standards, Lead Principles, DMAIC Problem Solving, Statistical Process Control, and the Seven Quality Tools.

Operations Management Online Program: Similar to the above but structured for online self-paced learning which includes many online instructor created and other instructional videos.  Exercises and assignments are applied to reinforce learning.


Operations and Project Leadership Online Program: A half semester class that consists of the highest value subjects from both Operations and Project Management.  Includes many online instructor created and other instructional videos.  Requires that the students take on a real project to help apply both operations and project principles.

Information Technology Management for MBAs and Executive MBAs: On-campus half semester class directed to working business executives and particularly focused on IT Strategy.

Short Discussion Topics that may vary from a One Hour Presentation to Half-Day Working Session:

  • A Powerful Foundation for Leadership
  • Integrity, Without it nothing works​.

  • The Power of Context, how context and your occurring influence everything you do.

  • Already-Always-Listening, and how your Ontological Perceptual Constraints limit you.

  • Why Projects are so Difficult and What to do about it.

  • Leaders Create, Creating a "Created Future".

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