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Speaking and Consulting

Managers improve what is; Leaders create what isn't.
Most problem solving focuses on the symptom vs. discovering and resolving the root cause.  

Most of my consulting focuses on Leadership Development or Operations Improvement.  I've been fortunate to engage with outstanding companies such as Microchip Technology, Raytheon, Modular Mining Systems, Qualcomm, APS and the Palo Verde Nuclear Facility, Republic Services, etc.  My consulting topics and projects tend to include:

  • The Complete Leadership Course or individual topics from The Leadership Course such as:

    • A Powerful Foundation for Leadership

    • Integrity, Without it nothing works​.

    • The Power of Context, how context and your occurring influence everything you do.

    • Already-Always-Listening, and how your Ontological Perceptual Constraints limit you.

    • Leaders Create; Creating a Created Future.

  • Root Cause Problem Solving using the DMAIC Approach

  • Quality Systems

  • Operations Improvements

  • IT Strategy

  • Project Leadership

  • Why projects are so difficult and what to do about it

Please contact me if I may be of service.

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